Special credits and words about “Sailing On Dry Land”

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I want to thank all the fine musicians that I have been fortunate to work with on this project-

Bill Hicks-Fiddle
Jordan Koronet-Bass
Art Champagne-Dobro,guitar
Alison Weiner-Melodica,piano
Paul Rosenberg-Lead/electric guitar, drums, harmony, acoustic guitar, 12 string guitar

Special Thanks are in order-

Alison Weiner-Song Charting. After our first group practice it was readily apparent that I had been playing the songs solo for awhile
and really needed work by the experts. Alison took/recorded each song set them down on paper note by note and measure by measure-
Setting the structure of the songs

This took us a long way in being ready to record-an amazing feat.
Thank you so much Alison!

Paul Rosenberg-Genious-Project design, Producer-Mixing and Mastering
at Rose Hill productions in Chapel Hill. NC

Pretty much dreamed up the thing-with recording live at Over Dub Lane in Durham, NC. Paul played multiple insturments and also mixed and mastered the cd. Also he broke each song down
as far as lead breaks/which insturment would break/ and a great
help with me in doing and coming up with the harmony parts-
which I might add was a first for me!

Paul thank you for all you did man-

Jason Merritt-Overdub Lane

Jason is the true pro and Overdub Lane is the best place-set up-acoustics/everything. Jason made us feel like we had been hanging forever and made sure we got what we needed. Many fine
folks have used their facilities-Mary Rocap, Dex Romwebber-too name a few-

Jason thank you dude!

Lydia Woodson-My wife. Lydia thank you honey for everything for not leaving me when I would scream about silly things-for putting me on track with web issues-computer silliness-cover issues-should I repeat screaming-
Thank you for your support during the making of the cd

I love you


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