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Sailing on Dry Land CD Sailing on Dry Land
Joe Woodson and The Bean Trees

Driving home after a show in Asheville, NC it had started to rain hard so I thought it best to stop over in Statesville, NC and grab a hotel for the night. It was raining so hard that I had starting thinking of the movie “The Perfect Storm”

The hotel room itself had the look of a boat-an older vessel that was a bit weathered but sound. It had been on many journeys but had returned safely home.

It was still raining hard so I sat there in the room with the door open and just listened and watched the rain. A bit later I grabbed my guitar and started writing the song “Sailing on Dry Land” . It is one of those rare times where I mainly finished a song in one sitting.

songs of faith and inspiration cd Songs of Faith and Inspiration
Joe Woodson and The Bean Trees

“I have been wanting to do a gospel recording all of my life. This project is a compilation of my recent recorded tunes that I feel can soothe the soul. The work was there, I just had to put it together.”

the right place cd The Right Place

I had really been at work on new material while at the same time going back to the well and revamping a few older tunes that I had written. The project was initially to be called Fascination Farm but it just did not seem to work. As fortune will happen,Paul really took the reins on this one. He even proposed a new name for the project — The Right Place. Paul really took this project to a “full tilt boogie” and I think this is our best work all around.

come back for real cd Come Back for Real

After doing several shows, I had more tunes to record. Wanting to do a full length record, it was decided to add these tunes to the Looking Away piece which was the original CD. Recording for the latter part of the CD was done at Sound Scripture Studio by James Lee. Paul then came in and mixed the combined pieces and Come Back for Real was born.


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