Related Sites

David Diener
David has been kind to do all of my covers for CDs and photos for the website. He and I played together in the Black Jacks. David is a mighty talented man.

Paul Rosenberg – Love Your Computer
Paul plays about every instrument there is and is a fine producer in his own right. I have been fortunate to play with him for over ten years.

Temple Ball
Rick told me the other day that I was his oldest customer. making a joke, I said now you are bound to have a customer older than me. He looked at me squarely in the eye and said, “No.” Rick does some fine work. Please give him a call.

NC Songwriters Coop
This is a great organizaqtion with talent galore and usefull information, work shops, etc.

CD Baby
All kinds of music – big and small.

North Carolina Alzheimer’s Organization
For an Alzheimer’s support group near you. Please help combat this serious disease.


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