6 thoughts on “About Joe

  1. Joe here is the Info I told you about.bafergusonguitars.com 114 west crolina ave. Hartsville s.c. 29550 1-843-917-4422. Boot Arreola owner/ luthier. Guitar maker. Thank’s for the Insoles they did help. Harry Chavis INA Bearing. Cheraw S.C.

  2. Joe:
    Nat Smith here. THANK YOU for the CD! I’ve been listening to it in my car repeatedly. Very good stuff there — I still love the title track and I still think it’s the best Jimmy Buffett song he’s never heard. We don’t have any gigs lined up at this point – every year our season ends right around Nov. 1 and they start coming in again around March or April. I am with you on us playing together sometime, just let me know.
    Take care, brother.

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