Reviews and Comments


“Joe Woodson from Chapel Hill, NC sounds like he can mix in with the company of Texas singer-songwriters. Pretty good stuff. I like his Nights of Nogales.”

~John Roths, Music Director
KEOS 89.1 FM
College Station, TX

“I really fell under the charm of it, and it is always a great pleasure to discover an artist with a real musical personality. you put your heart into every song you sing and it is perceptible. Your music is like a link between the past and present. first reactions of my listeners are excellent.”

~Dominique Costanoga
Radio Maseillette, France

“My Mother Mary will be broadcast on my next show. I especially like this song.”

~Jaques Spiry
BP Radio, France

“Congrats to Joe Woodson, high on Wayne Hockings FM show in Bathhurst, Australia…along side Johnny Cash, Tim McGraw.”

Songwriter’s Network

“Joe feels his songs as he sings them. In the tradition of Bill Monroe or Jerry Garcia or even Elvis. His voice presents a lot of emotion and the songs come to life.”

~Tim Michael
Cpt. Slack Review
2001 Charlotte Concert

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